Show Your Stripes

Feeling like your look could use a little jolt? Join the club. Maybe it’s just the winter doldrums, but we can’t wait for spring and we plan on ringing in the new season with something decidedly fresh and undoubtedly French – stripes.

Anthropologie must be in a stripes state of mind too, as they’re boasting so many cute pieces.

From darling tops and dresses where we can really indulge to belts, shoes and brooches that will let us gently ease our way into the world of stripes, there’s a little something for everyone.

Where to show your stripes?

Right here.

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2 thoughts on “Show Your Stripes

  1. A in Oak Park

    If I were hung over and you wore this to work, I’d be in trouble. What’s with lovin’ the French? And what makes this sooooo French? did they corner the market on stripes? Don’t those Venetian gondoliers wear stripes, too? Do I want to look like them? What?


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