Shopping Guide: 15 Bib Necklaces We're GooGoo GaGa Over

Like millions, the real reason we’re looking forward to Sex and the City 2 is for the fashion. If previews are any indication, prepare for a magical onslaught of color and sparkle (two of our favorite things). Pieces are bold, playful, colorful, glimmering, all things fashion should be. Behold, our favorite bib necklaces that bring back the glamour and fun of fashion and are sure to make a statement.

[clockwise from l-r: Soft Shine Necklace ($80); Cara Accessories Bib Necklace ($68);  Summer Sky Necklace ($38); Candies Silver-Tone Simulated Crystal Bib Necklace ($22)]


[Lizzie Fortunato Faded Grandeur Necklace ($500); Lapilli Necklace ($128); Kate Spade Flo for Fluorescent Multiple Bauble Necklace ($495]



[Rachel Leigh Millies Blush Bib in Gunmetal/Blush ($198); By Malene Birger Beaded Bib Necklace ($260); Ranjana Khan Mirrored Bib Necklace ($1200); Adia Kibur Multi Rectangle Necklace ($88)]


[Emma Carroll Etc giant Feather Necklace ($230); Kris Nations Dahlia Collar Necklace ($120); Lizzie Fortunato Eclectic and Restless Neckalce ($495) ; Kate Spade Lorelei Necklace ($275)]


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