SATC 2 Premieres Today: Will You Be Watching?

Sex and the City 2 premieres today! Am I the only one who thinks it feels like Christmas in May and am rushing to wrap up my work so I can catch the 3pm showing? With the deal, it’s a dinner and a movie — or, in my case, a movie and an early bird special — kind of day!

There have already been rumblings of the girls looking past their prime and talk about if it’s time for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha to hang up their Manolos, which is beyond sad. Is a girl not allowed to have fun once she has wrinkles? Moving on… I did not love the first SATC movie — I thought it lacked the fun and humor of the series, but you can bet your Mr. Big that I’ll be seeing SATC 2 and any subsequent SATC movies. Will you be watching? And doesn’t this vintage Sex and the City pic make you smile? Rooftop party? I’ll bring the lemonade.


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