RX: Go Fug Yourself

Lately kellygolightly has been battling nastyitis. We’ve been starving our persnickety colds and feeding our Nutella-binge-eating-inducing fevers, but no matter what we do, at times we’re so delirious we feel like the disastrous result of Unfitney Spears mating with old skool Snoop Dogg. Which is to say, not good and not of sound mind.
And while, in general, we aim to be positively chic (emphasis on the positive), sometimes it really makes a sick girl feel better to know that other peeps have probs, too (sick, we know).
Which is why we highly recommend the new book The Fug Awards by the snarky masterminds behind GoFugYourself.com.
If you’re not familiar with their addictive blog, which pokes fun at what celebutards wear, imagine the love children of Joan Rivers and Cojo and you have the Fug Girls, Heather Cocks (no, we didn’t make that name up) and Jessica Morgan.
We’ve got some Nutella to finish off, so will just say this: We read the book yesterday and things are looking much brighter today.
Take a peek at GoFugYourself.com.
Get the book here!

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