Refinery 29 Reserve: The Groupon of Fashion

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Darlings, we’re all used to great deals these days, from half-off facials to 60% off sushi (hmm, that always makes me a little suspect, how about you?), but did you know you can get amazing deals on current pieces by your favorites cult designers, too? Refinery 29 Reserve, the Groupon of fashion for the hip set, has an amazing deal right now. Spend $60 and get $120 to shop at, the online outpost of the Brooklyn hot shop. Dear Fieldbinder carries covetable pieces by some of my favorite brands, like Lauren Moffatt, Dolce Vita and Jeffrey Campbell. Half-off wishlist items, be sure not to miss out!

p.s. You have until Monday to buy the deal and then until March 31st to use it — just enough time to plot out your spring wardrobe.


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