Project Runway Winner: Do You Agree?


Emilio's Collection


Did you watch the finale of Project Runway? If not, major SPOILER ALERT. If so, what do you think? I’ll try to hold my tongue, but to say I was infuriated by the judges’ decision would be an understatement. I thought Emilio’s collection, entitled Color Me Bad (drawing inspiration from the ’40s and Harlem), was fresh, sophisticated and wearable, with the perfect amount of drama. No gimmicks. Perfectly tailored, flattering and, unlike the other designers, not overworked or heavy-handed. During the season, he won something like five challenges, more than any other designer in Project Runway history.


Seth Aaron's Collection

Seth Aaron’s collection, on the other hand (though it reads much better in these pictures than it did on the boob tube, so who knows really), read St. Marks Place. It looked cheap and costumey and looked to be full of pleather. It was also unflattering (if it makes a 6-foot-tall, 100 lb. model look wide, imagine how it would look on the rest of us). His inspiration? 1940’s German military. Um, you mean Nazis? Two issues: Is that something anyone should be “inspired” by? And two, it doesn’t read that way at all. I hate to rain on Seth Aaron’s parade, but he was by far my third place pick. I haven’t include Mila’s collection because I thought it was a complete snoozefest. Am I missing something? Did the judges get it right? Did Seth Aaron’s clownish-punk collection deserve to win? See their full collections here and VOTE and weigh in on our comments below…

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6 thoughts on “Project Runway Winner: Do You Agree?

  1. Kate

    What a farce. Emilio wins 5 challenges, shows by FAR the best collection, and gets 2nd? Whatever! This show is dead to me.

    BTW: If you find it I would love to see the site of Emilio’s line. I missed the name of it. Can you buy it anywhere?

  2. A in Oak Park

    Let’s face it, SethaAaron won because he did a couture collection. When Emilio was still reeling from the loss, he asked Nina Garcia why he had lost, she said that he had produced a LINE not a COLLECTION. So because he could sell it immediately at a high end clothing and/or department store he LOST! I think that couture must be french for “wackadoodle”. And, really, Seth Aaron thinks that buffalo plaid is couture? Some of Seth Aaron’s clothes made the women look big, or just goofy, and other things, like the leggings that were half black and half school bus yellow buffalo plaid, ridiculous. And you are right, Mila’s was just zzzzzzzzzzzz…

  3. Tammi

    I actually like Mila this time. I didn’t really like her work through the whole season, but there were several pieces I would love to wear. Besides, I really like black and white. I thought Emilio’s collection was pretty great, too. Seth Aaron’s Nazi inspired collection should not have won. It was well made, but not really flattering. By the way, did you see Heidi’s face when he said his collection was inspired by 1940’s German and Russian military? She looked shocked and it made me laugh out loud.

    Oh, and Seth Aaron totally stole Emilio’s idea. That black and white plaid dress (photo #24 in the Lifetime slideshow) that sort of hides the white parts of the fabric in the interior pleats was previously done by Emilio on the circus challenge.

  4. Jessica

    Totally disagree – I was very impressed by all three collections (I think having somewhat older contestants gave a maturity and sophistication to the clothes we don’t normally see), but I though that Seth Aaron had by far the most creative collection. He also showed he could tone it down enough to create individual wearable pieces, yet still put on a SHOW – not a straight-to-Nordstroms line. The other two have pretty much shown us all they can do, but I’m excited to see what Seth Aaron will do next.

  5. Angela

    This show ONCE again falls short…Leanne won with an origami line, but I accepted that MAYBE she was fashion forward. She was, but she was also on ONE note. Koutou OWNED it, and still didn’t win. Emilio is the new Koutou. The judges choose based on the last show and ignore the past. Watching the reunion show and I’m SO glad Emilio is standing up for himself. Calling the judges out on the praise, while they pick someone else. Booo! Seth Aaron can sell in Hot Topic and Journey’s (although I must admit I did like his stuff, but found the random bows to be unnecessary…Mila was annoying, just like her proclaiming she could win.)

  6. Nic

    Sorry, but I so disagree. I thought Emilio did fine, but I just wasn’t that impressed at all. Perhaps had he not been soooooo incredibly sure he was unbeatable he would have tried just a touch harder and more than likely won. The fact of the matter is that he made a collection that was nice and much more understandable for the every day woman. But a Fashion Week show is supposed to be a “show” and the point is to go a touch over the top and then tone the items down for stores. He did not do that, not to mention that shade of green he chose was just butt ugly awful, in my opinion. I was not a fan of much of what Mila did at all, mostly because she designed for one body type, although my friend was in love with every piece of her’s, but it was a yawn to me.

    Therefore, I think Seth Aaron earned the win! And he actually made some beautiful pieces. And he reminded me of Jeffrey Sobelia, who I really did not think should have won because half of his stuff was poorly made and ill-fitting, but Seth Aaron managed to keep it all his style and very well made. Emilio will likely be just fine withouth having won, and I’m sure he will continue to feel that he got ripped off instead of opening his mind and seeing that he just didn’t blow anyone away.


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