Project Runway Episode 9: NY State of Mind

Fun challenge alert. The designers paired up and each took a New York City neighborhood, from which to draw inspiration and from which to create a day and an evening look. Most were extremely successful, while a few weren’t so lucky. Can you guess which looks represent which New York City neighborhoods? The answers are in the comments below…

Day look: Seth Aaron; Evening look: Emilio

Seth Aaron and Emilio won…can you guess which neighborhood they were representing?

Day look: Maya; Evening look: Anthony

A subtle take on their neighborhood of choice…can you guess which nabe Maya and Anthony are inspired by?

Day look: Jay Nicolas; Evening look: Mila

What’s black and white and red all over? Jay and Mila’s designs. Which ‘hood do you think they’re designing for?

Day look: Amy; Evening look: Jonathan

Amy and Jonathan were like two peas in a pod. But were their looks successful in capturing the feel of their New York City neighborhood? What’s your favorite New York City neighborhood, the one that inspires you the most?

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[Images courtesy of Lifetime]






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3 thoughts on “Project Runway Episode 9: NY State of Mind

  1. kellygolightlykelly

    The answers in order from top to bottom: Harlem, Chinatown, Lower East Side, Upper East Side… did you get them right?

    My fave New York neighborhoods? Nolita, the West Village and the Upper East Side… what are yours?

  2. NYC Jenny

    The pairings here are interesting. Predominantly the designs you featured on the left sucked, where as the ones you featured on the right hit the nail on the head. Seth Aaron and Emilio where the only pair that put out two good designs, which is why they should, and did, win.

    Maya and Anthony’s details on the black dress were fantastic, and Mila’s Black and White and red getup was also a lot of fun. My favorite design was Amy and Jonathan Chrysler building in brown. That’s a great look. I also wanted to thank the model for the free gun show. Now I have no clue what the yellow bag and leggings thing was supposed to be. Loser!


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