Project Runway Episode 7: Who Does Hard Wear Best?

Finally a great challenge: make something fabulous from items found at the local hardware store — AND a great accessory to go with it. The designers really did an amazeballs job, don’t you think?

[l-r: Amy’s design made from sandpaper (brilliant); Jay Nicolas’s design made of trash bags and the judges’ fave (looking trashy never looked so good — and that belt, also made of garbage bags!) — expecting to see him win at Bryant Park; Mila’s design, made of paint pan liners (clever monkey), was signature Mila – graphic, black and white and mod.]

[l-r: Maya’s design was a surprising success – you would have no idea this was made from anything found in a hardware store, plus that key necklace had the key to our hearts and was the best accessory of the night; Anthony’s design was made of mesh, which he made look soft, romantic and wearable (why did the judges poo-poo it?); Jesse’s design earned him the boot from the judges, but we like the fairytale nature of his design, plus that hair accessory gives a run for their money.]

Who do you think should have taken the cake?

[Photos courtesy of Lifetime]


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One thought on “Project Runway Episode 7: Who Does Hard Wear Best?

  1. Kate

    I think it’s crap the Jesse got booted. His hair piece alone was better then Amelio’s whole mess.

    Based on the show I think Maya should have won. That look killed! Looking at the pictures I can see why they picked Jay Nicolas. Those are garbage bags? Really?? I think he cheated.

    Lifetime really needs to post some better pictures. Come on lifetime, step it up!!


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