Oscars: Worst Dressed


Charlize Theron; Zoe Saldana

We swear we have nothing against purple. In fact, we’ve been rather obsessed with it recently (could it be spring and Easter looming on the horizon?). But these two gorgeous-beyond-belief ladies topped our Worst Dressed List for other reasons. Charlize, two reasons (hint, hint: both can be found between your shoulders and your waist). Zoe, the color is fab on you, but it also looks like Barney tossed his cookies on you. The bottom also reminds us of those scrunchy shirts that were all the rage 8 years ago (and to our horror, that we recently spotted in Walgreens).

Molly Ringwald; Penelope Cruz

Oh, Molly. The dress is actually not bad. In fact, the sheen aside, we like it a lot. But the accessories and hair kill it. A low-slung chignon would have been perfect, but the springy wire at the waist and arm are just unforgiveable. Perhaps, you should stick to pink? You are so pretty in it (sorry, couldn’t resist). Penelope, you’re far too beautiful to wrap yourself in curtains. Ms. O’Hara may disagree, but the heavy drapes are not working for us (plus, you blend into the carpet). Look: the carpet does match the drapes!

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