Oscars: Best Dressed


Tina Fey; SJP; Nicole Richie

Fashion is very personal and we know that our picks are bound to be controversial and likely to land on many Worst Dressed Lists. But we can’t help it. We loved these gowns and the ladies in them because they stood out, made a statement, and most of all, because we’ll remember them. We also thought they reflected each woman’s personal style so well. From the vintage-inspired to the artful and glamorous, our faves picks for Best Dressed.

Vera Farmiga; Diane Kruger

But you be the judge. Who do you think deserves the top prize of Best Dressed?

Rachel McAdams; Sandra Bullock

Is YOUR Best Dressed pick not on our list? Share in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Oscars: Best Dressed

  1. Joann Godwin

    I loved Sandra Bullock’s dress and her whole look! So glamorous! I designed and made the Official Oscars SWAG Bag this year–let’s hope we see one of those lovely ladies carrying it home! Pictures anyone?

  2. A in Oak Park

    Seriously, SJP on the best dressed this year? I don’t think so. She wore embellished satin sheets, and she didn’t like the neckline, since she figetted with it on camera. Honestly, most of the people on your best dressed list shouldn’t be there. Molly’s dress was better than most of them, and you dissed her for her HAIR and accessories and said it was too much sheen (compared to SJP it was dull!)? Sheesh! Diane Kruger looked all droopy – did she get caught in a personal rain storm on the way to the red carpet? Rachel McAdams wore a prom dress. Tina Fey didn’t get the memo that animal prints should be used as accents when dressing and Nicole Richie’s dress is way to matronly for her and a little too, too much of all the same. Vera Farmiga’s dress is a gorgeous color and a stunning look, although it overwhelms her. Sandra Bullock’s dress has a simple glamour that takes the evening from this group of dresses.


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