Oh Happy Day

[Photos by kellygolightly]

Did you have a nice weekend, dolls? Today’s my birthday (hooray for making it another year!), so we spent my birthday weekend doing lots of happy things like going vintage bowling in Pioneer Town to having the best $5 chicken sandwiches and lemonades amongst bikers and families at Pappy and Harriet’s.

[Photos by kellygolightly]

Along the way, we spotted sweet cotton-tail bunnies, roadrunners and balloons floating in the sky in the high desert. ‘Twas magical, my lovelies.

[Photos by kellygolightly]

Today, after work, we’ll hike and picnic among the yellow and lilac wildflowers and hope not to get bitten by a rattlesnake (we spotted one on our last hike – yikes!). Soon, we’ll have a place to call home for the next few months, and once we do, I’d like to throw a celebration as wonderful and memorable as the renegade parties that Jordan Ferney of Oh Happy Day throws. Oh my, does this girl have imagination or what.



[Photos via Oh Happy Day]

From dinner parties with friends on piers and rooftops to scavenger hunts in Mini Coopers that end in color dye fights in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco event planner and blogger serves up tons of inspiration (from other party planners and friends too). Wouldn’t you like to be her bestie? I would!



[Photos via Oh Happy Day]

While I wait on my bestie to finish up work today, I’ll be taking a trip down memory lane and picking out photo highlights from the past year to share with you (time permitting). It’s always a great way to realize how lucky you are (that and all of the Facebook birthday wishes when you tear up at all the memories and nicknames that take you back to different parts of your life). I’m a sentimental fool, I know. Are you too? What has been the highlight of your year so far? Sending hugs to you for helping to make another year so magical xx!


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2 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day

  1. Liz

    Happy Birthday…Sounds like a great way to spend your day…looking back and realizing how lucky and blessed you are…to have friends and family who love you dearly. Wow…I should write for Hallmark. haha
    Have fun today and eat all the cupcakes you want!!!!


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