New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 Fail: Anna Sui

We love prints. And we typically love Anna Sui. Who does prints better after all? But in seasons past, those prints felt more prints charming, while this season they feel more like ‘ouch, my eyes!’ Too much vivid color and prints at once, perhaps. And we can’t help think we can easily achieve the same look at a vintage store. Instead of feeling like these dresses are perfect for the Nicole Richies of the world, they feel better suited to the psychics of the world. The only accessory needed? A crystal ball.

But to each her own. What do you think? Love it? Hate it? Blinded by it and can’t read anymore? Share your morsels of fashion 411 below.

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6 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week Fall 2010 Fail: Anna Sui

  1. Kate

    I like the two on the right. The far right is my favorite. The plaid pants make it, and those boots are really fun.

    The two on the left I can do without, especially those purple tights. Eeek!

  2. a in oak park

    Like a TRAIN WRECK, these make it hard to drag your eyes away. And, like a train wreck, it’s not good. The one on the right is like a mullet (business in the front party in the back), except she has spring on the top (floral) and winter on the bottom (plaid) -and are those shorts? – that would add to the schizophrenia!

  3. J Simmons

    Also, what’s up with the hat, fur, 60’s orange patter, skirt, and open shoes combo? What weather condition is that for?


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