My Summer Uniform

My Summer Uniform: Off the Shoulder Dresses #kellygolightly

Do you have a summer uniform? Perhaps it’s denim shorts with a striped tee or white jeans with a gingham top? For me, it’s… off-the-shoulder dresses that let one go sans brassiere!

Off the Shoulder Dresses #kellygolightly

And as predicted here, I’ve been living in this dress.

Best Summer Dresses #kellygolightly

It’s breezy and light, and that generous ruffle hides anything going on below.

My Summer Uniform: Off the Shoulder Dresses #kellygolightly

You can also wear it up on your shoulders too, paired with shorty shorts underneath.

Comfy Dresses for Summer #kellygolightly

And naturally, my summer uniform would not be complete without sunnies, metallic flip-flops, a floppy straw hat, and a statement bag.

Yellow Doors Palm Springs #kellygolightly

I’ve been loving my super-soft leather bag by Ghurka (which just went on sale for 40% off!), and have linked to a few more fun options below.

My Summer Uniform #kellygolightly #ghurka

Now tell me: Do you have a summer uniform?

How to Wear: Off the Shoulder Dresses #kellygolightly

I’d love to hear…

My Summer Uniform: Off the Shoulder Dresses #kellygolightly


dress * hat * sandals * bag c/o

Sizing: I’m wearing an XS and am 5’4″ 100 lbs.


Keep in touch!



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8 thoughts on “My Summer Uniform

  1. vogueandunicorns

    I’ve been sewing up some off-the-shoulder pieces lately! They’re definitely my summer uniform, too. I just love how a different color, print, and ruffle length can completely change an outfit! I like wearing black denim shorts with the tops, and simple accessories with the dresses. 🙂 By the way, I love the gingham!


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