My Lowest Point

lowest point on earth badwater basin; death valley


Have you hit your lowest point, my treasures? I have. It was the summer of 2009. The place? Badwater Basin, Death Valley. It’s literally the lowest point in the western hemisphere.


lowest point on earth badwater basin; death valley


And I loved it. My alabaster skin? Not so much. Then again, it was 124 degrees (1! 2! 4!). I literally skipped down and back and got my newly lobster-tinged stems back in the car. Pronto. And prayed the air conditioning wouldn’t go out. I love road trips. You too?

[Photos by kellygolightly]

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2 thoughts on “My Lowest Point

  1. Helen

    I’m really enjoying these skipping photos of you! BTW I took advantage of the Oh Joy discount and bought something at EmersonMade. I hope it fits!


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