More From Marfa: El Cosmico


My love affair with Marfa continues at Marfa’s newest hotel accommodations, El Cosmico.



Opened in November 2009, El Cosmico is an artsy community of revamped trailers, teepees and yurts. If you’ve had the pleasure of staying at the Hotel San Jose in Austin, you might notice some hipster similarities, as the owner, Liz Lambert, is the same.



On our first night, we shacked up at the Vagabond, a dollhouse of hot pink cozy perfection.



The purple and green broom was the ideal accessory…




Although this gentleman may beg to differ…



The tea kettle not only provided essential hot chocolate, but made me feel like a pioneer woman to boot.



Although you may prefer something a bit stronger?





On night two, we upgraded to the Imperial Mansion, more spacious accommodations as the name might suggest.





Orange ya glad you upgraded?



Indeed. I knew I was destined to live in a mansion… Won’t you come in?



We enjoyed the space and the views…



And those heavy blankets (it gets cold, as in 30-something-degrees at night in Marfa!).



The Vagabond and the Imperial Mansion were both booked for our third night, so I suggested staying in this teepee. The Huz did not go for it (something about 37-degrees at night and not wanting to be cold – le partay poopier!).



That didn’t stop us from taking a peek inside!



You can see the sky and dream away…



Isn’t it super fun? Perhaps when things are a bit warmer, at the end of summer… I know what you’re thinking, where is the shower? Well, only the trailers come with their own bathrooms. But not to worry, those staying in the teepees, yurts or BYOT (bringing your own tent), have access to community bathrooms, a kitchen and even these fab dutch tubs.


Aren’t they an adorable pair?



Almost as darling as this couple…



Nope, the chubby tubbies are cuter!



Plans are also in the works to build a swimming pool and more trailers are being revamped as I type… But for now, you can hang out in the lounge and play records…



But only until 7pm… That’s okay, there’s plenty I’m sure you can think of to do after 7…





Just remember, be careful, anything can happen (isn’t that what makes life grand)?



Sweet dreams, El Cosmico. Sweet dreams, Marfa.

[Photos by kellygolightly]



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3 thoughts on “More From Marfa: El Cosmico

  1. s

    I think I read about this place in Domino! That must be why I love this site πŸ™‚ reminds me of domino…

  2. snail

    I am obsessed with this place now! Thanks for all this wonderful pictures and posts. If my dream comes true and I go I shall use this as my travel guide <3

  3. Farmgirl Susan

    Those trailers are so cool. What a neat place. Great photos. I’m so glad I followed your link from design*sponge. Of course now instead of the ‘little camper’ we’ve talked about buying as a place for farm guests to stay, I want one of these! πŸ™‚


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