Look Ma, I'm a ZangZing Cover Girl!


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It’s always a nice surprise when your photo graces the front page of, well, anything. Or so Heidi Klum tells me. So it was really fun to see this photo of me and my fabulous friend Helen deadpanning in the desert on the front page of ZangZing today! ZangZing is a new group photo sharing site, which aims to make it easy for friends and family to share photos of the same event in the same place (brilliant). ZangZing hasn’t officially launched yet (we’re always bringing you in-the-know intel first, you’re welcome), but if you’re one of the first 1,000 to follow ZangZing on Facebook, you’ll get a free lifetime membership. Click, click, daaahlings.

[Photo by kellygolightly taken in Pioneertown, California]

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