Life List Must: Castle in the Sky

Wow. Just added to the Life List… Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany. Doesn’t it look like a fairytale? What’s on your Life List?

[Photo by Luis Pires via Krisatomic]

Neuschwanstein Castle

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3 thoughts on “Life List Must: Castle in the Sky

  1. Hubs

    It’s a date! I’ll take ya, but after Japan and China.

    BTW: Things on my life list include
    – (Road) Biking across country (or at least a significant portion)
    – Driving across Japan
    – Staying in a cabin on pilars above a lagoon
    – Doing a month without internet
    – Doing a year without TV (likely once more TV is on the internet 😉
    – Building my own company
    – Having out won apartment in NYC for part time use
    – Being able to own a G5, but not getting one
    – Doing everything on your list
    – Participating in an legitimate car race
    – Learning how to ride a dirt bike (motorcycle)
    – Having a dinner in Moscow
    – Living in Asia for 6m+
    – Building a better list
    – etc. etc. etc

  2. Caroline

    After that list, I have to think. Not so easy to follow.
    Make more of the green stuff (what’s the color of Yuan?)
    Spend time in India – more than possible with a cat at home
    Figure out whether to live in Singapore or Australia or New Zealand (probably not there)
    Live without Drudge and Huff and Fox (urgent) and particularly, the comments by those morons
    Get proficient in blind typing (won’t happen)
    Drive across America and Canada
    Ok, that’s it for starters. Reserve open ending

  3. Wilhelmina

    If you plan China right now, consider
    – the sandstorms in and around Beijing
    – the severe drought in Southern China which for example has completely dried out the famous Li river at Guilin.


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