Letters To Juliet & Amanda Seyfried


Are you planning on seeing Letters To Juliet this weekend? If I can convince The Hubs to join me for some chick flickiness, then a romantic rendezvous down memory lane is in my future (oh how I miss having gelato three times a day in Italy!). Plus, I kind of have a girl crush on Amanda Seyfried (did you see her crafting leather flowers with Martha yesterday?).



Doesn’t she look great playing Alice in Wonderland in these photos from Vogue Italia? Dreamy. The best part about Letters To Juliet? It turns out that a group of 20 or so “secretaries” actually do answer letters to Juliet. Isn’t that amazing? A small society dedicated to love? In a world that moves so fast and is obsessed with technology, it’s nice to know something so old-fashioned and charming exists, don’t you think?



What are your plans this weekend? Will you be painting flowers? Have you been to Italy? Please share your stories in the comments!

[Photos from Vogue Italia via The Style Exchange]

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2 thoughts on “Letters To Juliet & Amanda Seyfried

  1. Hubs

    I guess I know what we’re doing tonight. Hope it’s good!

    BTW: What is she doing to that bird in the 1st picture??

  2. Kathy

    Looking at thepioneerwoman.com. How many helpers has she to maintain that website and live and cook and homeschool then family on the side?


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