Lake Elsinore Walker Canyon Poppy Fields + How To Get The Best Photos

Super Bloom Lake Elsinore | Kelly Golightly

Last week I shared 6 Spots to See the Super Bloom in Southern California. I’m excited to report that we made our first visit to the Lake Elsinore Walker Canyon poppy fields this weekend! Check out our photos below. Plus, I’m sharing tips on the best way to see the poppy fields, when to see the super bloom + how to get the best super bloom photos!

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California Poppy Fields | Kelly Golightly

Aren’t they magnificent?

Super Bloom Poppy Fields Lake Elsinore | Kelly Golightly

And doesn’t it look like we had the poppy fields all to ourselves?

ke Elsinore Flower Fields | Kelly Golightly

Nothing could be further from the truth.

ke Elsinore poppy fields | Kelly Golightly

We went on a Sunday afternoon, hoping that because the weather was cloudy, maybe not that many people would be there.

Where to See the Super Bloom | Kelly Golightly

WRONG! Haha.

Walker Canyon flower fields | Kelly Golightly

The line to exit the highway to Walker Canyon was a mile long, and then it looked like you had another long wait to be able to actually get to the fields and park.

Walker Canyon flower fields | Kelly Golightly


So, instead, we drove about a mile north on the highway and then exited and drove back south towards Walker Canyon. While these weren’t the actual Walker Canyon poppy fields (i.e. where all of the cars + people were) they were Walker Canyon adjacent. 😉

If you find yourself if the same situation, I say do this. There were still plenty of people where we were but we were able to park right away, and walk right up and enjoy the flowers and snap some photos.

Speaking of photos, here’s how to get the best photos of the flower fields…

White Heart Sunglasses in the Poppy Fields Lake Elsinore | Kelly Golightly


1. Wear a contrasting color or a matching color. They make for the most impactful photos.

2.  Have your photographer get down low to take your photo. It will make it seem like you are surrounded by a sea of flowers (which you are).

3. While we used our professional Canon camera and a flash, many of these photos were ones I shot on my iPhone. Portrait mode is your friend.

4. Stay on the trails + if you go off, tread lightly as not to crush the flowers. The photo you see of me seemingly standing in/on the flowers is actually an area where the grass was already smooshed due to people walking on it.

But here’s a pro tip: If you want to make your photos look full around you, without actually damaging the flowers, use the app Touch Retouch or A Color Story and use the clone tool to fill in the empty area(s). That way your photos look great without you damaging the beauty of mother nature. You can also use Touch Retouch to remove people from your photos. 😉


Lake Elsinore poppy fields. | Kelly Golightly


  1. Don’t pick the flowers. I’m pretty sure it’s illegal but we saw so many people unabashedly picking the pretty flowers.

2. Dogs are allowed but keep them close, so they don’t crush the flowers either. Rumor has it rattlesnakes like the poppy fields (at least the ones in Antelope Valley), so that’s another reason to keep your fur baby on a short leash.

3. Don’t walk ON the flowers.

4. Don’t photobomb someone else’s photos. Wait your turn and be kind and patient.

Super Bloom Lake Elsinore | Kelly Golightly


1. Check the weather before you go. It was a lot cooler than we expected, so this coat with comfy cozy joggers and a sweater underneath was perfect. Dress so you can enjoy the experience.

2. Poppies love the sun — that’s when they open — so if it’s rainy or cloudy, know that they might not be open. We actually went on a cloudy day, but they were still beautiful.

3. You can check this website for current Super Bloom information in California.

Super Bloom Walker Canyon | Kelly Golightly

I hope this post was helpful!

If you’ve visited the poppy fields, I’d love to hear about your experience. And if you have any tips, please share in the comments xo!



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p.s. Sunflower Fields in Provence + Lavender Fields in Plateau de Valensole.

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