Kelly’s Picks: 5 Fab Beauty Stocking Stuffers

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With Christmas a mere two and a half weeks away, I’m dedicating this edition of Kelly’s Picks to five beautiful stocking stuffers and gifts I hope to give and receive.

1. Lucky editors say Lancome FLASH BRONZER is the best self tanner to use on both your body and your face and I’ll try anything to not look like the ghost of Christmas past this season $31.50 ; 2. I adore Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Cobalt Ink and it’s so easy to apply with a brush to get Audrey Hepburn eyes $21  3. Confesh: I only wash my hair a few times a month — it’s so dry! — so a redonkulously cute shower cap like this  to replace the ones I steal from hotels would be peachy $8; 4. Chapstick’s fine, but I’m ready to jazz things up and this NARS lip gloss kit reminds me of the fun makeup kits we used to get as teens, but more glam $50; 5. Because my super stylish friend was wearing this NARS Lipstick in Funny Face and looked fuchsia fab and hello, the name “Funny Face” $24]

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