Kelly's Klicks: Cowboys and Couture

My dearest guys and dolls,

Congratulations on making it through what I hope was a wonderful first week of the New Year. Are you off to a good start?

Prada Marfa

I’ve been on the road again, enjoying the wonderful surprises this country has to offer (like a Prada in the middle of rural West Texas; see above) as The Hubs and I make our way across the intoxicating southwestern landscape from Texas to California.

It’s been an inspiring adventure and I hope you’ll enjoy my latest style postcards from the road (simply click the arrow above to view the Marfa slideshow), and I truly hope you’re enjoying the new site, which aims to bring you style tidbits not only in fashion and interiors, but also in the realms of food, travel, film and all things that make life fun. After all, style is everywhere you look, even in West Texas (especially in West Texas).

Jumping for Joy in Marfa



Stylish clicks this fabulous first week in:




{photos by kellygolightly}

Oh Keep Your Pants On
The Perfect Hangover Brunch

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