For Sale: Kelly Wearstler's Beverly Hills Mansion!

Kelly Wearstler Home for sale; Interior Deisgner Kelly Wearstler


Interior design maven (and my style icon) Kelly Wearstler and her hotelier hubby Brad Korzen have put their Beverly Hills home up for sale. Who wants to lend me $46 million? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Humph.


kelly_wearstler_home2; Kelly Wearstler's home


I’ll even clean the pool! Oh, who am I kidding? But there’s a poolhouse so if you’re looking for your Kato, you know where to reach me (um, did I just have a grand reality show idea or what?!).

More pictures of Kelly Wearstler’s home for sale here. Via here.

Only looking to spend about half that? I turn my nose up at you. But provide you with this link to Kelly Wearstler’s Malibu beach house for sale for just $21.9M.






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