Kaylee Golightly

how to wear overalls; stripes and polka dots

This post is dedicated to my peach of a niece, Kaylee, who makes me so proud I could burst like a piñata cake. In her seven short years, she’s accomplished a lot: She’s a championship swimmer, just appeared in her first commercial for Chuck E. Cheese (how darling is that?), and is the sweetest and funniest child I’ve ever met. Of course, I’m biased. But still, this baby doll blows me away. She loves Scooby Doo, Batman (the original with Adam West), swimming, dancing and singing. She’s lovingly referred to as my mini-me, but she is definitely one of a kind.

cute polka dot tops

Last Christmas, she told me she’d like to be on my website, so a little photo shoot was in order. Of course, I thought I’d need to give her a little direction — perhaps some posing tips — but no, my dearest KayleeBug was posing like she was America’s Next Top Mini-Model. When I said, “Goodness, you’ve got better poses than me! Where did you learn that?,” she replied “Aunt Kelly, you’re fancy.”

“I am?!” I asked, taken aback my this opinion. “Yeah, but remember when you used to be really fancy?” Come again? It’s funny when you realize how some people – the most important people — see you, isn’t it?

Below, our summer-fun pics in our almost-matching overalls.

how to style overallskayleebuglegskayleegmini mekayleegolightlyposeofftopmodelminimekaylee nicole warner; how to wear overalls; how to wear polka dots and stripesdeadpanningroadskaylee warnerthrowinghats

Is she not the fiercest in the four-foot-and-under category?

Thank you for being the light of my life, KayleeBug, and special thanks to my Mamala, who shot these photos, which I’ll cherish forever.

What I’m Wearing:

Overalls dress snagged from Laurie B. at my clothing swap party but similar here

Forever 21 polka dot top (old but similar here)

Dr. Scholl’s Shoes ‘Milestone’ sandals c/o (SO comfy; also available here)

Memphis Turquoise Crystal sunglasses c/o TOMS

Hat (from a tiny store in an even tinier town in Brazil but similar here)

What Kaylee’s Wearing:

Overalls, Top & Hat from Target

Kale Nacho Cupcakes for SHAPE
How To Throw a Pool Party

11 thoughts on “Kaylee Golightly

  1. annettevartanian

    This is such a sweet post. Kaylee is too adorable (much like her super fancy Auntie)! I love that she’s totally strutting her stuff. I sense a future in fashion blogging for Kaylee!

  2. Emma

    So cute! She definitely has model potential. I love your shoes by the way; I’ve been looking for a pair of wedges like that for a while now! x


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