Just Beachy: Artists Alex MacLean and Massimo Vitali

Photographer Alex MacLean Beach Series


I’m in love with these prints by pilot and photographer Alex MacLean (available on One King’s Lane today for $999, originally $3000).


Artist Alex MacLean


“Portraying the changes brought about by human intervention and natural processes, his powerful and descriptive images provide clues to understanding the relationship between the natural and constructed environments. Obviously enjoying the theme of beach umbrellas seen from a new perspective, he creates beautiful images with an undertone of the absurd.”


Photographer and artist Alex MacLean


Alex MacLean’s work is very similar to Italian artist Massimo Vitali’s epic Beach Series (below), which sold out almost immediately on One King’s Lane.


Italian Artist Massimo Vitali: Beach Series


“Born in Como, Italy, in 1944, Massimo Vitali arrived on the art scene relatively late. After stints as a photojournalist and film cameraman, Vitali finally acquired international renown in the 1990s for his large-scale photographs of Italian beaches and other public spaces showing anonymous people during their leisure time. Vitali’s works have been interpreted as a contemporary version of landscape paintings, reinterpreted through photography.”


Photographer Massimo Vitali's Beach Series

See more of Massimo Vitali’s stunning work here and more of Alex MacLean’s incredible work here.

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  1. @Style_It_Up

    These are fantastic. The Alex MacLean stuff is especially good! I went through the Massimo Vitali collection on his site and it made me so happy that I don't live in Europe. I love space too much. The pictures were really great though.


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