Introducing Harvey Faircloth

Have you had the insane pleasure of watching North by Northwest? One of our favorite lines? “I don’t believe I caught your name.” “I don’t believe I pitched it.” Oh, Cary Grant…

We digress. Have you had the insane pleasure of meeting Harvey Faircloth? Contrary to the name, Harvey Faircloth is actually a trio of way-too-talented women whose previous jobs, ranging from Martha Stewart styling to Kate Spade art directing and elephant shipping (don’t ask), lead them to clothes making.

Their new spring/summer line is so much fun, a cross between Kate Spade and Built by Wendy, with a large dose of their very own witty, unique aesthetic tossed in. Think preppy meets indie meets worldly. We would expect nothing less from Katie Hatch and Abby Clawson Low.

We love the hand-painted pieces (designed by the enormously talented Paulina Reyes), and the accessories are irresistible. Who doesn’t need a penny ring or a rainbow of sunnies?

It’s also really fun to see their inspirations and the behind the scenes action and we are just waiting for our invitation to be besties. We’ll keep checking the mail…

Until then, take a peek at it all here.


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