I'm Going to the Salon…

And I’m gonna get me-eeeh-eeeh-ssy.


keira knightley's hair; keira knightley's hair style


Which is essentially how I already look, albiet my locks are a bit longer, hence the visit to the beauty parlor (why doesn’t anyone say beauty parlor anymore — because it’s not 1955?). On days that I find it in me to run a brush through my hair (hmm, perhaps I need to make some style resolutions), I could even possibly look like this:


alexa chung's hair


Minus the impossibly long legs. But you know, basically identical. If all turns out tear-free, I’ll post pics xx!

[Photos via here.]




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2 thoughts on “I'm Going to the Salon…

  1. Hubs

    As an impartial party I need to point out that you look far far better than both pics ( legs included )!

    I also want to let your readers know that they should hate you since you claim not to brush your hair but still happen to always look runway ready. How?? I dunno. But I like! 🙂

  2. Helen

    please post pics! i want full deets. i got a haircut before xmas. i told my hairdresser “please make me look younger” and so she gave me china doll bangs 🙂


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