Happy Feet


Style should be an adventure, so why not resolve to add a bit more color to your wardrobe in 2010?

Starting with these turquoise Hepburn flats by MIA.

Bright and bold, just like you, every time you pop them on will feel like a jolt to your wardrobe — and your day.

Where to find them?

Right here.

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6 thoughts on “Happy Feet

  1. Kelly Post author

    You’re right…they come in a slew of colors (love the silver). There’s just something about turquoise these days that we’re all finding irresistible.

  2. karina smith

    Pantone declared turquoise the official color of Spring. These are just adorable flats. Incidentally, turquoise is a beautiful compliment to burnt orange for us Longhorns who are currently being heartbroken.

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