Happy Earth Day & Adieu!


Marfa, Texas; Photo by kellygolightly


Happy Earth Day, dolls! How will you be celebrating? Tomorrow, we head out on another road trip (flying to Texas, driving back to California) to explore more of our lovely Mother Earth. I can’t wait.


Me and the Hubs ready for our road trip; Kidding, SJP and co. in SATC 2


Looking forward to sharing adventures from the road xx!



The Perfect Getaway: The Viceroy Palm Springs
Behind the Buss: Marfa, Marfa, Marfa

One thought on “Happy Earth Day & Adieu!

  1. Hubs

    I am not sure who should be more insulted.
    me or you.

    for the record I don’t wear jean short, vests, or short sleave shirts with ties.

    you thankfully do not have electic socket hair.

    can’t wait for the road trip!


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