Grumpy Girl Discovers New Body Part: Dessert Stomach!

We needed something to make us smile today, and this did the trick.
What girl out there doesn’t have a ‘dessert stomach?’
Grumpy Girl estimates — and we heartily concur — that “about 99% of women have it, yet you’ll never see it in any anatomy book. The dessert stomach. It’s there, trust us.
C’mon now. You’ve gone out to dinner and felt completely stuffed after your entree, yet when the waiter comes around and asks if you want to see the dessert menu, your face lights up and you exclaim, ‘Sure!’
It doesn’t matter how full your stomach is. The dessert stomach is distinctly separate.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, which is why we didn’t even try.
Thank you for making our day, Grumpy Girl.
Take a peek!
P.S. Though distinctly not a woman, today’s DailyBuss is dedicated to the better half of kellygolightly, and he — and his mother — know why.

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