Golden Globes Trend: Get Shorty

A look not often seen at the Golden Globes? Short frocks.  While we like seeing a good pair of gams as much as the next guy or girl, these looks seem more appropriate for more casual daytime events. Still, Julia’s effervescence couldn’t be stifled, even in an Yves Saint Laurent dress that read “dinner date with Danny,” and we’re liking Kristen Bell’s fresh white Jasmine di Milo. Big Love’s Ginnifer Goodwin looked saucy as ever in her stem-flaunting Vionnet cocktail dress, but we say leave the shorties for said cocktails and go for the glam at the Globes. But you be the judge.


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5 thoughts on “Golden Globes Trend: Get Shorty

  1. J Simmons

    Stephan :

    Stephan :
    There are horses for courses and gowns for occasions.

    This is why I vote “No”

    Sadly you are so wrong. Look at Anna Kendrick. She looked like she was 100 years old. She’s 24. Show some leg!


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