Go With the Flow

Happy Friday, my loves. What are your weekend plans? Today and tomorrow I’m really hoping to see my niece, sister and brother-in-law who are in Nevada for a few days (it’s been way too long), and then on Saturday night we’ll be heading to LA for the first time since this. It’s kind of a strange feeling, as it’s so easy to feel disconnected from things when in Palm Springs (in a good way) but we’ll be filming a fun Shopbop video at our apartment on Sunday and I’m excited to see friends.

The next few months are looking a little crazy, with trips to Asia, San Francisco, Europe, and Georgia on the horizon – all before December. While I’m grateful and excited for the opportunities and family and friends we’ll get to see, I’m also sad to be missing out on fall here at home in Southern California. I’m so looking forward to just staying still for a bit and enjoying being in our new house (where we just had fruit trees and a pool heater installed – hooray!).

Here’s to going with the flow…and jumping in the deep end!

[Photo by Kelly Golightly]


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