Giveaway: A Box of Hanky Panky Thongs from Bare Necessities!

Roses are red, violets are blue, we know you love giveaways and we do too. Which is why we’re kicking off our new Tuesday Giveaway feature with Bare Necessities, the online destination for lingerie, great basics and gorgeous underthings.

What we’re giving away? A darling heart-shaped keepsake box filled with Hanky Panky thongs (worth $99!). They’re so cute and comfy too.

Winning couldn’t be easier.


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2. Then, leave a comment below here on this post. We want to know about your most memorable Valentine’s Day. The good, the bad, the ugly.

3. Giveaway ends Monday, February 14, 2010 at midnight PST.

The winner will be chosen at random and announced here after they’ve been notified {via email} and accepted their prize. Best of luck!

U.S. residents only. You must be 18 or older to be eligible to win. Void where prohibited.


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94 thoughts on “Giveaway: A Box of Hanky Panky Thongs from Bare Necessities!

  1. AmiJ

    Great contest! My favorite valentine was when my hubby ( then boyfriend ), who was then living two thousand miles away, suprised me in my apt with a candlelit dinner. What a great suprise!

  2. Vickie Couturier

    My best Valentines Day,was a few years ago,when my husband had lost his job an had to take one at less than half the old pay,so funds were tight an we didnt have money for extras,so we had said we couldnt buy gifts or cards that year,I felt bad so I baked him a cake an he came home from work with a big smile an something hidden behind his back,Ill admit I got mad,we didnt have the money to waste,so I said “what did you do!” he sheeplishly grinned even after getting yelled at,an pulled out a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers he had stopped an walked a long way to pick for me!Gosh I felt so bad,but they were the most beautiful thing Ive ever recieved,because they were picked with love an he for me out of love,he was happy with the cake,an those free flowers lasted longer than any roses would have,I never questioned him again about what he does,lol,well almost never,gosh I love that man!

  3. Cristina

    My favorite valentines day was when my fiancee (Who is a police officer) broke into my car in the morning before I went to work and left flowers and chocolate in my car. Yay!

  4. Tina M

    I haven’t had a great Valentine’s day yet but I have no doubt this years will be wonderful as I’ve recently found the love of my life. 🙂

  5. Jill Rivera

    My best Valentine’s gift was a vacation to the Playboy Mansion for my husband. You Know What Happen at the Mansion Stays at the Mansion.

  6. Jennifer

    On my fiance and I’s first Valentines Day, he gave me pretzel sticks. They were definitely a surprise! It was really a funny gift to get! Ever since then we don’t make a big deal out of Valentines. We realize the day is about loving one another and that is what is most important!

  7. Sarah Hirsch

    My husband proposed to me on Valentine’s Day, so that was definitely the most memorable one I’ve had! It will be ten years ago on 2/14. He bought me chocolates, and when I opened them, the icing read, “Will You Marry Me?”

    (I’m subscribed to the email)

  8. kpw

    Great giveaway! My favorite valentine’s day was when my husband (then boyfriend) sent me roses and one of my former students (I’m a high schoo teacher) was the delivery boy. He was so excited for me and it made the gift that much more special. And it’s always fun to get flowers at work!

  9. Sheila B

    My most memorable Valentines Day has to be the year hubby forgot it was Valentines Day.He didnt have a card or plans or anything.He made me a card with index cards and told me how much he loved me and why he loved me.It was about 10 index cards stapled together and on the last card was an invitation to dinner and… at the restaurant of my choice. While it wasnt the prettiest card nor the most creative,it was the most meaningful and beautiful card I ever received from him.I still have it even thought it was made 25 years ago and I still have him!! He is definately a keeper.

  10. Laura

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day is about to be this one because I get to spend it with the man I’m in love with for the first time.

  11. Walker

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was in high school. I was mad at my boyfriend for not making dinner reservations, but then he showed up with a picnic of grilled cheese and red Kool-Aid- my favorite meal! We snuck into a fancy hotel and ate at a table in the hotel restaurant. A homemade Valentine completed the night!

  12. Amber G

    I signed up! My most memorable Valentine’s day was in 7th grade when 8 different guys bought me flowers! I have never been so sought after again haha

  13. courtney

    i’m following your twitter meandbells and the worst valentines day this guy that i was not into sent me 100 roses! ugh!

  14. Rita Guffie

    My most memorable Valentine’s day was when my boyfriend got home before I did, and he had the best dinner waiting on the table, complete with wine and roses.I would love to win these Hanky Panky and be waiting at home for him this year. I signed up.

  15. James Whitbord

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when I came home early to suprise my honey…she was “entertaining”another guy!

  16. susan varney

    i subscribe we had a flat on the way to our favorate dining establishment

    it was pouring rain that night which ruined our clothing they were completely drenched.well we still saved the day we went home ordered chinese and still had a completly romantic evening if you know what what i mean

  17. Kellie Wilson (@kelliechio) twitter

    My most memorable Valentine’s was when my boyfriend had a cake made for me of the New York Skyline since my job prevented us from taking the trip there we had planned for the weekend.
    It was so sweet.I am so glad I took many pictures of it before digging in! 🙂

  18. Jenna

    I am a follower on twitter. My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when an ex decided to dump me that day after our romantic dinner for absolutely no reason at all

  19. ambar robinson

    I m following you on twitter!
    My best Valentines day was when i got my favorite video game and went out to eat at Olive Garden!


    Our most memorable Valentine’s day was our first year together. I sent him roses at his workplace and all the women in the office bitched and moaned that a guy got roses and they didn’t!

  21. Theresa

    There was the year Prince Charming brought me a pack of smokes, his brand without the filters, and a 6 pack of beer… ugh!

  22. Barry Ohman

    I think that BareNecessities has some great offers for Valentines Day and a man should definitely purchase something special for that special lady in his life from BareNecessities.

  23. Jennifer

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when my boyfriend took me out to a dinner that cost $75 for the both of us! I didn’t want him to pay for it and kind of made a big deal because it was ridiculously expensive and I am fairly frugal =)

  24. pat

    When my daughter came home with a valentine that she made in school.I was thrilled. She’s 20 now and I still have it!

  25. Aisling

    My best Valentine’s Day was when my kids got together and gave me a card containing “promise” cards from each of them. (One promised to make dinner one evening, one promised to do dishes and the youngest promised to clean his room.)

  26. KC

    We have a great Valentines every year with other couples. We all buy our own lobster or crab legs and do pot luck for the rest. We have a nice sit down dinner with candles, and enjoy our own Valentine along with our best friends.

  27. Jessica

    I think my most memorable was the year that my ex surprised me with a necklace and bracelet set. It was nice, and I could tell that he spent a lot of money on it, but it was way too gaudy for my style. I was just happy that he was so considerate until he told me that he got it for me because he had gotten his ex the same set and she really liked it. I’m not usually jealous, but just knowing that I was getting something originally picked out for someone else made me so mad!

  28. Lisa Vance

    I follow on twitter as @LisaSVance.

    My most memorable valentine’s day will probably be the best I ever have. Back in 2001, my now late-husband was deploying to Afghanistan. His CO knew we were newlyweds and had canceled our honeymoon for the deployment, so when the opportunity came up to leave a soldier behind to fly over with the equipment, he left my husband back an extra day. We enjoyed the extra nights together and had what was to be our honeymoon as just a couple of months, later he was killed in Afghanistan. I have no regrets and can honestly say that was one of the most special Valentine’s Days ever created. We drove to Nashville and spent the day together and had a wonderful steak dinner before he left. We woke up together and said our good-byes before he flew out. It was perfect and will always be perfect in my mind. See you in heaven my sweetheart! Until then, I have some of the best memories and smiles from our relationship.

  29. Katinka

    To Lisa: As an American protected by our Military, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your high spirits.

  30. Susan C

    I am following you on twitter as ptowngirl. My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when I was 14 and my very first boyfriend bought me a box of chocolates. I kept the box for years!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  31. Erin m

    My worst Valentines involved a guy i had nothing in common with, he didn’t even buy me dinner or the little drink i got but we just sat in MY car(yes i drove 1 hour away to see him) but he never invited me in. So on my way home i drove to my ex’s and he took me back for about an hour. Wow i was a dumb girl at 18.
    Happy Valentines?

  32. Tatum V

    I follow you on twitter (@tatum810)..
    I would say when I got my first dozen roses from my first boyfriend as a teenager..

  33. Erica G

    My favorite Valentine’s Day memory is when my husband and I went to the west coast of Florida to walk along the shore and watch the sunset. Simple and romantic.

  34. Vicki Wurgler

    the best was when my husband surprised me with a weekend at a B&B and had a dozen roses and wine in the room when we got there

  35. MJ

    My favorite Valentine’s Day was the time my dad took me to see Beauty and the Beast on ice- it was so wonderful for a kid!

  36. Ashley

    my favorite was just simply a candle light dinner at home and a movie on the couch, it doesnt get any better than that

  37. Victoria

    Following on twitter @cherryontop22. Most memorable was first one with my boyfriend. It was lowkey and wonderful. I learned that you don’t need expensive night out or gifts for a wonderful V-day!

  38. Tarah

    I follow you on Twitter – Tarah716

    My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when my husband, then boyfriend, paid for a day of pampering at the spa!

  39. Kimberly R

    My most memorable Valentine’s day was last year when my boyfriend brought me chocolate and balloons at work.

  40. Renee' Simmons

    One year hubby filled (seriously FILLED) our 2001 vw bug with helium balloons, teddy bears in the front seat, with chocolates. Then when I went into my home office that room was filled with helium balloons, some more chocolates on my desk, and a gold necklace & bracelet at my desk. Hubby just said you should have seen me try to get them into the car to get them home.

  41. Benita

    I subscribed to the DailyBuss. My most memorable Valentine’s Day was when my husband brought home a dozen long stemmed red roses and took me to dinner at a fine Italian Restaurant.


  42. Nikki

    My most memorable v-day was the year my girlfriends and I sent our boyfriends/husbands on a scavenger hunt that led them back to a home-made and romatic dinner waiting for them. We sent them to a lingerie shop, a nail salon, and a restaurant where they were sung to by the servers. Each stop had a note waiting for them to direct them to their next adventure. It was a lot of work to set everything up and be sneaky, but we had such a blast and made memories we’ll never forget!

  43. Amber Porter

    My Valentines day is the same every year. Me and my 4 kids all go out to eat, which I enjoy but hey a little something something would be nice too!

  44. Kimberly

    I subscribe. Last year, my boyfriend got me an exercise bike. He really thought this was a good idea and still defends his decision. This year I made it clear I expect a date!

  45. Happi Shopr

    I follow on twitter (@happishopr) and the most memorable V-day was our first which included a huge stuffed gorilla (affectionly called MR.G), a huge box of chocolates, a huge arrangement of roses, a huge meal…get the idea? We’ve pared things down a bit after being married 10 years but the passion is just as hot and these would make it even hotter. ;D

  46. Lily

    I follow you on twitter, username slowclublover. My most memorable Valentine’s Day was in 1st grade when my crush gave me a special Valentine’s card and then we kissed on the playground.

  47. Erica C.

    I’m signed up 🙂
    This Valentine’s Day will probably be my least memorable. I have to work that night, and be away from my guy. However, we will make it up another night!

  48. Barbara Wilson

    Twitter follower: gutterabbit
    My most vivid Valentine would be the fifth grade and I got this really cute simpson valentines card form my biggest crush, then he laughed at me….so scarring but memorable

  49. Amanda Barnes

    I follow via twitter (akb0919) My most memorable Valentines Day would have to be last boyfriend of only a few months decided it would be super sweet to get me five stuffed animals as well as a huge box stuffed with chocolate bars! It was absolutely adorable! He even took me out to a movie I had been dying to see 🙂
    Amanda Barnes
    amandakbarnes90@gmail dot com

  50. Kathleen G.

    Twitter (kgereg)

    It was to be a romantic dinner on Valentine Day…When he showed up drunk and passed out on the sofa. I ordered pizza for myself

  51. valancia

    following you on Twitter id- skyxsky27
    Memorable Valentine’s day would be the time I got a little ceramic vase with a plastic flower in it, oh well at least he thought enough to do that much

  52. Darcy B

    following on twitter as darcybel
    most memorable Valentine’s Day–years ago we went to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day (like we did every year) and the couple at the next table–the guy got down on one knee and brought out a ring and proposed to his girlfriend—the entire restaurant was watching–as she got up threw the ring at him, screamed that she never wanted to see him again, and stormed out!!! He sobbed–my husband had to help him up into his chair–it was awful!!!! We get food and take it home now for Valentine’s Day!!

  53. Danielle

    my most memorable vday was when we went to Disneyland and I saw someone propose in front of the castle. Never seen anyone propose before and I started crying like a baby. Sooo romantic!

    twitter follower @ferriza2


  54. amy h

    I’m following on twitter: hillfam2005
    The most memorable valentine’s was when I received a dozen roses at work and they weren’t even from my boyfriend…they were from some guy that met me while I was working at my job. Everyone at work thought they were from my boyfriend…I didn’t want to tell the story and embarrass myself…so, I just kept my mouth shut! 😉

  55. Amy Delong

    follow on twitter
    I have always had great v days with my hubby,tonight dinner with no kids,good enough for me!


  56. Pamela White

    My best Valentine’s Day is skipping the flowers and candy and just exploring something new with my husbnd in the bedroom.

  57. Melanie

    None of mine have been memorable.
    I’ve never had a “valentine”, and I usually just work.
    Like today.

    oh, and I follow. ohslowdown.

  58. carol lewis

    My best Valentine’s Day was when I went out with my husband on our first date 35 years ago. We went to a formal at college and he gave me a flower, and he was just so nice that we ended up getting married that December.

  59. Amanda

    My most memorable Valentines was with my now exbf. He treated me to a dinner at The Cheesecake Factory and I got to have the most delicious cheesecake I have ever had (the vanilla bean they offer). I also subscribed to email.

  60. Veronica Garrett

    My most memorable Valentine’s was the one I received my engagement ring. I had met my husband about eight months earlier. He played it coy. I was wondering how he felt about me. Valentine’s came and I received a dozen roses. Nice. Later he came by with my ring.


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