Gift This: For the Jetsetter

Looking for a gift for your jetsetter friend who hops from city to city around the globe? Or for someone who’s simply passionate about the city they’re in?
Look no further than Maptote.
From the lovelies who brought us city map totes depicting our fave locales (Paris, San Francisco, Austin, beyond) comes the ultimate tote for those of us who can’t quite make up our minds: East Coast or West Coast (insert head scratch and desire to be bi-coastal here).
The USA grocery tote features a double-sided print with West Coast on one side and East Coast on the other, to suit your bipolar personalities (I love In-N-Out Burger, but I love Shake Shack too!).
There are also adorable zip pouches, featuring loads of locales from Paris to Tokyo, the Bronx and beyond — a darling stocking stuffer (and perfect home for your iPhone) at just $15.
Where in the world to find them all?
Right here.

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