Get Sentimental at Oh My Word

What happens when a former ad world girl with a twisted sense of humor starts a greeting card line?
Oh My Word.
On the outside, the cards reveal simple and sweet enough sentiments such as the tradish:
[outside] I miss you.
But on the inside, the fabulous because it’s true:
[inside] when I’m drunk.
We love (and have heard that a certain Gossip Girl star does too):
[outside] You skinny little b*tch.
[inside] What I mean is…did you lose weight?
Scope out the three brand-spankin’ new debut collections: The Truth Hurts, Just Because, and What I Mean Is…at Oh My Word.
Take a peek!
p.s. A recent experience prompted us to begin a special feature we’ve been tossing around for a few years now. We call it The DailyBust.
While The DailyBuss focuses on the positive and the very best in online shopping and style, sometimes you have to vent the negative to prevent other shoppers from incurring such retail fiascos themselves and to hopefully bring more awareness to said offending shops so that they can fix their problems, in hopes of making the entire retail landscape a much better one for all of us.
Congratulations to the ironically named Best Buy for being our first DailyBust!
Click here to read The DailyBust!

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