Foxy Funny Ladies: Tina, Betty, Chelsea


I love fashion. I love cupcakes. I love travel. But when it comes down to it, nothing beats a good laugh. And lately, these funny ladies have been dishing up the best medicine. I can’t wait to see Tina Fey in Date Night tomorrow night and again on Saturday when she hosts Saturday Night Live. She’s smart, funny, beautiful. I should hate her, but she’s my hero. Do you love her too?



And America’s Sweetheart, Betty White, will be hosting SNL in May. Isn’t she the best? She’s 84 and she’s as funny and as sharp as ever. Such an inspiration. And I kind of love that top she’s wearing…



Do you watch Chelsea Handler? I do and she’s a pistol. She’s on tour right now too… I need to add tickets to a show to my birthday fantasy wishlist.


Who inspires you? Who makes you laugh? Who are your heroes? I’d love to know…

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One thought on “Foxy Funny Ladies: Tina, Betty, Chelsea

  1. Canada Flowers

    Saying I love Tina Fey’s an understatement. I make Wes Anderson- Godard- Darren Aronofsky- Paul Thomas Anderson-aspirant kind of bisaya short films on youtube, but there’s nothing like her to be an inspiration. She’s a flower, like your blog. And trust me, I KNOW flowers.


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