Accessories That Ruffle My Feathers!

NOMAD Hat #kellygolightly #summerhats #strawhats #nomad #strawbags #wickerbags #francesvalentine #asos

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? We played it pretty low-key but had fun driving around the cute neighborhoods here in Palm Springs and doing some photoshoots. One of which was this, featuring stand-out accessories that make my heart sing. Behold pom-poms, honey pots, nomad hats, oh my!

I die for these Frances Valentine Pom Pom Slides!

Sometimes there are just accessories you see that make your eyes pop out of your head. These pom-pom slides and this sweet honey pot bag made my heart palpitate at first sight.

Cutest Hats for Summer #kellygolightly #summerhats #strawhats #nomad #strawbags #wickerbags #francesvalentine

Not to mention this hat that reads NOMAD.

White Ruffly Dress #kellygolightly #summerhats #strawhats #nomad #strawbags #wickerbags #francesvalentine

They’re all from Frances Valentine, Kate and Andy Spade’s new company, who I’ve raved about before.

The Cutest of All Straw Tote Bags #kellygolightly #summerhats #strawhats #nomad #strawbags #wickerbags #francesvalentine

Out of all the brands out there, they’re the one that gives me the most chills and thrills!

Frances Valentine Pom Pom Slides. YES PLEASE!

With special details that add that perfect pop (or pom!), how could they not?

Love these Frances Valentine pom-pom slides + straw bag!

Oh, and let’s not forget this adorable ruffly white dress that makes me feel like a marshmallow — in a good way! A Little White Dress (or Poofy White Dress) is the perfect backdrop for standout accessories that ruffle some feathers, don’t you think?

I’ve linked everything below, plus more fun accessories and white dresses. Enjoy!



I’m wearing:

hat c/o | sunglasses (S/O but similar here + here) | dress | bag c/o (also here) | shoes c/o (also here)

Sizing Tip: I’m wearing a size 4 dress (ASOS runs small, so their 4 = 2 elsewhere, for example). In FV shoes, they also run a little small. I’m wearing an 8 (I’m normally a 7.5/8) so size up at least a half size.

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4 thoughts on “Accessories That Ruffle My Feathers!

  1. Morgan

    My husband recently suggested I lay of the woven purses! I can’t help it–they’re so cute, especially this one. The fact that he pointed out that I only carry them during the summer (which, of course I do–they look a little silly in the snow) shows that he may not get me. I figure, a girl’s got to have a vice, so woven bags it is!

    1. Kelly Post author

      Morgan, I’m the same way! I realize I have a woven bag addiction. But they’re so cute, especially this one! I’ve never seen one that looks like a honey pot before.

      Plus the price isn’t so bad. Haha. We’ve got to have some vices, right? At least this isn’t an unhealthy one. 😉


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