Exciting News: We’re Off To…

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Paris! In just one week. Commence freak out (Where to stay? What to wear? What to eat?!). Fred Baby has a few business meetings in Paris and London so surprised me on our anniversary with an invitation to join along and make a vacation out of it. I hope my answer wasn’t too obvious (oui oui!). I’m thrilled, but I need your help…

The last time we were in Paris was about three years ago…We rented an apartment in the Marais for a few weeks and absolutely loved it so I’m hoping to do that again. But, I’d love to hear your suggestions: Favorite things to do, places to eat, neighborhoods, and experiences in Paris — I’m all ears! Oh, and London too. We’ve been a few times, but I never feel like I’ve gotten a handle on London, so any insights and recommendations are much appreciated.

I’ll be spending the weekend in planning mode and celebrating the fact that we’re finally springing forward! Here’s to making the most of brighter evenings xx!


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  1. The Hidden List (@thehiddenlist)

    Kelly – I went to Paris with 4 of my best friends a couple of years ago. I loved spending a day at the flea market. It’s amazing! I hired a tour guide to take me and she was invaluable in staying in the safe areas and helping negotiate deals. I can get you her contact info if you’re interested. She’s American, but has lived in Paris for 15 years…an absolute doll and you guys would be instant BFFs.

    The Louvre is, of course, a must see, but my favorite museum is the Musee d’Orsay. I would also recommend going to Monmartre and the gorgeous Basilica of the Sacre Coeur that sits above this amazing village with an artist square in the center of town.

    One of the best things that we did was hire a guide for many of the places that we went. You’ll experience this amazing city at a higher level with the guide giving you much more information than you will learn going on your own.

    I’m so jealous! You’ll have an amazing time! Let me know if you would like for me to pass along my friend Jodie’s info!


    1. Kelly Post author

      Kelley, this is such a good idea! I would love if you could put me in touch with the flea market guide. That is right up my alley! I think you have my email but it’s kelly at kelly golightly.com. Thanks so much xx!

  2. Annette

    First off, how fabulous – hope you and Fred Baby have an amazing trip! I agree with Helen, must rent vespas! It’s so much fun to zip around town and discover new eateries and neighborhoods. Also, take out a couple days to visit Versailles and ride bikes around town and the palace – pack a picnic. Since you may be staying in the Marais, you must visit Vintage Desir, a fabulous vintage shop with a lot of great finds at great prices. Also, Du Pain et Des Idées has the most amazing bread (talk about carb overload). I’ve visited London several times and I have the same feeling as you do – I’ve never really gotten a handle on it and it doesn’t lend itself to feeling part of a neighborhood. If you’re into architecture and want to take a day trip, my fiance says to visit the chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Romchamp by Le Corbusier.

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