Eat, Pray, Love Fendi: Elizabeth Gilbert's Travel Tips

Eat Pray Love; Elizabth Gilbert's Travel Tips; Fendi Shoes; Rome


Lovelies. Are you excited to see Eat, Pray, Love this weekend? I can’t wait. Until then, I’m imbibing Elizabeth Gilbert’s travel tips. Who better to get them from, right? You might be shocked at which destination she visits once a month (I was!), but her tips on documenting a trip and immersing yourself in a place are spot-on. Where are you dreaming of going next?

p.s. Aren’t these Fendi shoes amazing? My hubby snapped this photo of a Fendi photo shoot (um, meta!) while we were lunching in Rome last fall. Mayjuh props to the gorgeous model for being able to navigate the cobblestone streets in them.

[Photo by kellygolightly; More Rome fashion photos here.]

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