Easter Shoes: Under $100 & Free Shipping

Why should the little ones have all the fun? This Easter, treat yourself to pretty new Easter shoes. It beats a giant chocolate Easter bunny, and instead of dimpling your thighs, these will help your gams look amazeballs. What more could a girl ask for? Ready for the Bunny Hop?

[Seychelles Joan Wedge (pink and white) — free overnight shipping ; Emma Pink Laria (in mahogany or madras)free shipping and returns; GUESS Beautifi Sandal (blue) free overnight shipping]



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4 thoughts on “Easter Shoes: Under $100 & Free Shipping

  1. queenbels

    @Kate hello Kate! Seychelles Joan Wedge in pink and white is lovely! im more on checkered recently so that explains my vote! if im looking for a pair of wedges to pair with a white skirt/dress, then my vote goes to Seychelles Joan Wedge in pink and white! wat would you match it with?


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