Dream Closet Ideas & Inspiration

dream closet inspiration

In addition to flying high for my birthday, my darling Fred Baby surprised me with a dream closet for my birthday! I believe his exact words were: “What else can you give a fashion blogger?” Um, okay! So I’m spending today gathering some dream closet inspiration.

dream-closet; carrie bradshaw's closet; jenna lyons' closet

dream closets

jennalyonscloset; jenna lyons' closet

mariah carey's closet

This has me looking forward to LEGENDS even more because you better believe I’ll be asking every interior designer and magazine editor for advice on how to make the ultimate dream closet! Kelly, Dara, Mary, Thom…please be prepared with thoughtful responses and {preferably} sketches. Thanks!

famous-closets; nate berkus' closet; olivia palermo's closet

dream closet ideas


What would your dream closet look like?

Check our more dream closet ideas and inspo on my Pinterest.

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6 thoughts on “Dream Closet Ideas & Inspiration

  1. Kate

    Ohh a dream closet!

    A must is lots of shoe space. Every girl needs tons of shoe space!

    Good lighting is another must.

    I think a comfortable sitting area is a real luxury that every great closet should have. No one wants to put on shoes standing up, or sitting on the floor.

    In general I think bigger is better, (there’s a shocker) but creating a fun comfortable space is the the most important thing to focus on.

    I can’t wait to see it!


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