Do You Workout?

shopping is my cardio

Happy Monday, loves! Let’s kick off the week with a question: Do you workout?

Other than the occasional visit to Slimmons, I’m embarrassed to say my exercise comes is one of three forms: 1) Shopping (is my cardio) 2) Wearing heels (a total workout, am I right?) and 3) Lifting my fork to my mouth (I swear that’s the only reason why I have a tiny muscle on my right arm…).

I used to be super active in high school (volleyball, track, cheerleading, gymnastics) and loved it. But these days, not so much, even though I know I feel ten times better when I’m active. It’s fun to get those endorphins whirling around, but not as easy to get the motivation. Do you find that’s the case too? Is shopping your cardio or are you a total gym bunny? I’d love to know…

Perhaps those of you with a good routine will inspire and motivate those of us who have gotten a lil lazy (hello, self) in the Jane Fonda department.

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4 thoughts on “Do You Workout?

  1. Karina

    Grrrl, like everyday. Cardio, weight training, P90X, Insanity (which is just as cray as it sounds), yoga, walking, running, swimming, biking, and even a fight choreography class. Working out isn’t a problem, but food…oooo, I end up making food my enemy.
    I’m finding that I really love yoga. I’ve been taking classes very sporadically (like once in a blue moon) since 2001, but I really started incorporating it into my regimen more regularly beginning this year. And I can really tell the difference. I have far less rigor-associated pain and soreness, my flexibility is increasing (I was able to do camel pose for 5 full breaths successfully for the first time today), not to mention that there are days when I leave class completely blissed-out, like nothing could upset me for the rest of the day. It’s about finding what you enjoy and feeling good. I feel terrible on days that I don’t work out. Getting started is the hardest part, once it’s a part of your routine, it’s becomes like sleeping and eating. Gotta do it!

  2. Janine C. Knop

    Oh, Kelly, I think I like your mode of exercise! Time just gets away from me. We have a brand, spanking new treadmill and exercise bike that are beckoning my footprints…maybe some day!

  3. Liz

    Exercise sucks…so find something fun, like dancing. It’s also more fun to do it with a friend or honey bunny, cause they will keep you motivated.


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