Desert Chic: Half Off Kate Spade Shoes

kellygolightly just got back from a long weekend in Sedona, Arizona.
Though it’s the capital of all things New Agey (not exactly our bag, babycakes) and is the home to scary snakes and scorpions, we couldn’t help but be seduced by the red, hot desert locale’s stunning scenery and retro vibe.
We felt like we were in that fabulous Kate Spade ad campaign from a few years back.
Which has us feeling all things vintage, colorful, ethnic and unusual and likely explains why we love these python-swathed wedges. That, and they just happen to encapsulate all the hues of the Arizona landscape.
Luckily, they also happen to be 50% off, which makes them a splurge within the realm of possibility.
Take a peek!

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