Dealish: $25 Gift Certificate for $2!

The best thing about trying economic times? Fab deals. This is one of the best we’ve seen yet. For those of us who like to get our eat on, offers $25 gift certificates to participating restaurants (over 15,0000 restaurants nationwide) for only $10. So for $10, you get $25 worth of food. That’s usually a great deal in itself, but for Memorial Day, it gets a whole lot better. Through May 31, pay only $2 and get a $25 gift certificate. Insane, right? We’ll be scooping up gift certificates to dish out as gifts (birthdays, Father’s Day, Memorial Day). We just added 10 $25 gift certificates (normally $100) to our carts and, with the code, will only be paying $20. Non-math majors, that’s $250 worth of food for only $20.

Great restaurants are participating, too. In New York City: A.O.C., Café Espanol, Kellari Taverna, Delmonico’s Steakhouse, to name but a few. San Francisco: Hyde Street Bistro, Globe, Cassis. LA: Campagnola, Aqua Lounge, El Cholo, Ketchup (The Hills favorite).  How to get the deal?

Click here and enter code FLAG at checkout. Bon appetit!

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3 thoughts on “Dealish: $25 Gift Certificate for $2!

  1. Catherine

    Just be careful to reead the small print: it sedems that most restaurants I like require $50 food for 2 and that we normally don’t reach – maybe because we normally don’t order desert.

  2. Kate


    True, but even if you normally spend $40 and they only allow you to use one coupon, and you need to order something to-go to get it up to $50, your out of pocket still is only $25 + $2 for the gift certificate. $27 isn’t bad for a $40 meal for two, with another meal in your to-go bag!

  3. Liz


    Seems like a good time to order dessert. Any reason to justify ordering dessert is ok by me!!!


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