Cutest Bicycle Helmet Ever


Today, the hubby and I are cruising back to California for a visit before we take off on our Asian adventure (Japan, China, Malaysia, here we come!). Other than catching up with friends and eating great food (we miss you, Gamine), we’re looking forward to getting back in the saddle again. On our bikes, that is. While The Hubs is into real cycling, I’m more of a strollerbiker. I like to sit upright, look around, see what’s happening. I’m that girl who’s always nearly accidentally running into innocent strangers and, um, poles, on the Golden Gate Bridge. So a helmet is important.

But finding a cute one is nearly impossible (though, as witnessed in Rome, they do make adorable Vespa helmets). The insanely talented Joy had the same problem, so decided to make her own. Is this not the cutest thing ever?

I wonder if my husband would go for a matching one for tandem biking through wine country. Perhaps if enough wine is involved (I jest)….

To learn how to make your own dream bicycle helmet, polkadots and all, visit OhJoy!

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4 thoughts on “Cutest Bicycle Helmet Ever

  1. Jane

    That’s snazzy! I wonder if that might not be a little hot for everyday riding. Good for the winter though I bet.

  2. Kelly Post author

    Linda! We miss SF and you guys too and will be there in a few weeks! A Gamine reunion is in order.

    And I totally thought of you when I saw this and thought I need a Vespa just so I can get a cute helmet (or five). 😉


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