Colorful Christmas Wreaths + Ornaments

Colorful Wreaths + Ornaments: Bubblegum pink blown glass ornaments, Jim Marvin ornaments, pink Christmas wreaths, gold Christmas wreaths and more midcentury modern Christmas wreaths and ornaments.

Happy Friday! Whatcha got cookin’? We’re having friends over for cocktails tonight and I’m looking forward to putting up the Christmas tree! Speaking of, many of you told me that the colorful Christmas wreath from this post sold out, so I rounded up similar stylish Christmas wreaths below. This colorful ball wreath is nearly identical + on sale for only $22! Many of you also wondered where you could get my candy-colored blown glass ornaments seen here + here. I’ve linked them in pink, blue, green, hot pink and yellow below!

Hope you enjoy!

Bubblegum pink blown glass ornamentsPink Glass Ornaments | Kelly Golighlty

These bubblegum-colored blown glass ornaments are Jim Marvin for Frontgate from two years ago but are no longer available. However, I tracked down nearly identical blown glass ornaments + similar ones below!




 If there’s anything else you’d like to see — gift guides, what to wear to holiday parties… LMK! I’m here to help. 🙂

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