The Credenza Diaries

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Happy Monday, my lovelies! Did you have a nice weekend? In between NyQuil naps, we did some vintage furniture shopping in Palm Springs and added yet another bar cart to our growing collection (how could I resist?). But, one piece we haven’t yet tracked down is a credenza. Well, that’s not exactly true…

Behold, The Credenza Diaries…


Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of our decorating lives…

Months ago I spotted a gorgeous white and gold beautyat a steal no less, but Fred Baby wasn’t as keen. Why, you ask? Because he didn’t like that you could see the latches for opening and closing the doors on the outside of the piece. Tres pick-ay, non? To be fair, we were also homeless at the time, but no matter, I was ready to buy, buy, buy! No commitment issues here. Consumption issues, well, that’s a different story.

Moving on… Even though that beauty still haunts my dreams, we’re trying to move on as a family. Forgiveness is not easy,  but it’s necessary. And he did give in to yesterday’s brassy bar cart without too much of a squabble. Baby steps.


I want: Something white, glossy, Hollywood Regency, with a kick of personality or special details (a tapered leg, a shiny pull). He wants: Something “rectilinear” (his words, not mine! Can you tell who the engineer in the relationship is?). But, in a nutshell, something with clean lines and not too much fuss. (And he married me why?!)

We’ve got a lot of white and gloss and shine already happening, so we both agree some more organic or textural elements may be the way to go. So the options above that mix both white and wood are what we’re leaning towards now…

We’ll be popping by Room Service in a bit to see more in person. I’ll keep you posted on The Credenza Diaries (riveting, I know!), but I’m curious: Which of these chic credenzas is your fave? And how do you deal with decorating with your partner?

My Dad once said that I should just do what I want, which is the best advice I’ve ever heard (ha!). While that would be easier, I do appreciate having a husband who actually cares. I mean, as long as he lets me do what I want in the end.

[Above: 1. 1stdibs 2. Baker Danish Sideboard at One Kings Lane 3. Plantation Design Kelly Console 4. Room Service Custom Vanilla Hollywood Credenza 5. Room Service Brixton Credenza 6. Room Service Moroccan Credenza 7. Room Service Mixed Up Credenza]


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