Yellow There!

Cute Yellow Coats

Yellow there, lovelies! Apologies for the radio silence lately. As I’ve been trying to figure out this health stuff lately, I’ve had to give myself a break from daily posts. Everything’s taking me a little longer and it turns out cooking all of your meals takes up a lot of one’s day. I applaud and bow down to you who do it day in and day out. Seriously, whew!

So here’s the latest…

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Kelchella: Coachella the Golightly Way

trina turk 20th anniversary capsule collection x kelly golightly

Coachella’s not exactly my scene and even Nochella  — where you only attend the parties — is pushing it. What can I say? I’d rather be swanning! But festival fashion? That I can get excited about! If you are heading to the desert for Coachella/Nochella/Kelchella festivities, here’s what to wear to stay cool and stylish.

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Trina Turk 20th Anniversary Collection

Kelly Golightly x Trina Turk x MRS Lilien

All hail the queen of Palm Springs! It’s Trina Turk’s 20th anniversary of serving up fabulous frocks and pure California glamour. The doyenne of the desert and her Prints Charming, the one and only Mr. Turk, recently invited me and my favorite MRS over to their throne — a.k.a their fabulous Palm Springs manse — to celebrate the 20th anniversary capsule collection with a photo shoot.

kelly golightly x trina turk

What was that sound? Oh, just my head exploding, NBD! Check out these shots of the collection by the marvelous Mr. Turk at their Palm Springs castle, The Ship of the Desert.

And see me modeling this dress on the Trina Turk website HERE!

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