How To Throw a Glitzmas Party

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It’s no secret I love a good soiree, so when Devon told me she wanted to host a Merry Glitzmas party to inspire others to host their own glitzy get-togethers this holiday season, I was in before she could say flamingos and glitter! How couldn’t I be when girly goodness and playful vintage glamour was on the agenda? Plus, we’d be sharing it all on Glitter GuideContinue reading

How To Make a Perfect Turkey

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With Thanksgiving a mere 16 days away, let’s talk turkey, shall we? If you’re hosting Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving this year and the turkey is giving you night terrors, I want to share the best Thanksgiving tip I ever got, which will make cooking the perfect turkey a total cinch…

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Last-Minute Halloween Idea: Spider Ice

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Happy Halloween! How will you be celebrating? If, like me, you’ve done absolutely nothing to prepare for Halloween (other than eat a whole bag of peanut butter cups), here’s a quick way to get into the spirit by jazzing up your spirits…with spider ice cubes!

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Best Pumpkin Pie Shake Recipe

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I used to think people were crazy for loving pumpkin drinks. Like kale-washed crazy. Seriously, pumpkin in my latte or shake? Settle down. And then I realized I’d never had one. Tasked with making a delicious pumpkin drink for Postmark, I got to experimenting. And. Oh. My. Milkshake. God. Now I get it. I’m right there next to you on the cray cray pumpkin train. Choo! Choo!

Read on for the recipe & devilishly darling drink accessories…  Continue reading

Adult Snow Cones

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It’s Friday! Who’s ready for a drink? This girl! I recently whipped up some adult snow cones, or granita if you will, for Evite Postmark, and since it’s as easy as combining crushed ice, fresh fruit juice and a little nip, why not enjoy one right now? It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!  Continue reading