Beyonce Steals My Marfa

beyonce steals fashion blogger kelly golightly's style in marfa, texas Oh Beyonce, how could you? Trying to steal my Marfa I frolic in front of the Prada Marfa. You frolic in front of the Prada Marfa. I stayed at the Imperial Mansion at El Cosmico. My dear Alfred stayed at the Imperial Mansion at El Cosmico. You stayed at the Imperial Mansion at El Cosmico. We ate at the Food Shark. You ate at the Food Shark. Did you order the Marfalafel too? I’m onto you, B. Oh, I’m onto you. beyonce steals fashion blogger kelly golightly's style in marfa, texas You too, Solange. Consider yourselves on notice, ladies. Just remember: It’s Kelly Street. p.s. I’m off to New York today for Fashion Week (I’m at the airport now!). Be sure to follow along on Instagram for insta-updates from behind the scenes at Fashion Week and Fashion’s Night Out! Oh, and if I bump into Beyonce, I’ll be sure to give her a piece of my mind, from one Texas girl to another.;) [Photos by Kelly Golightly circa 2009 and 2010; Photos by Beyonce circa summer 2012]

What I Wore: NYFW Day 1
Video: Close Up & Personal

79 thoughts on “Beyonce Steals My Marfa

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