A Trip Down Marfa Lane


A few snaps from my favorite (and most photogenic) spot in Texas, Marfa (one of my favorite places in the world in fact). The vintage typewriter you can rent for 5 clams at the Thunder Bird only made me want one more. I’m on the hunt if you have any leads (red, pink, yellow or baby blue if you please)…



I wasn’t the only one that was a fan… Here, Sir Alfred (my dashing teddy) tries his paws at the Quiet-Riter (hint: it was far from quiet, but that made it all the more charming).



I couldn’t have said it better myself…



No trip to Marfa would be complete without a visit to Prada Marfa (which is technically in Valentine, Texas). It’s my favorite place to kick up my heels (okay, sandals) and twirl.



Of course, a girl’s gotta check out the merch…



But only from afar, as this shop’s never open.



‘Tis merely land art, my darlings.



No Prada heels for this kittykat, but I do heart my new purple patent Marais sandals… They go perfectly with wildflowers and desert dirt, don’t you think?



This Texas critter thought so, who joined us for a farewell brunch at the delicious Cochineal… More on that in Part II, as my Marfa love revolves largely around the food, naturally.



For now, that’s all from Kelly Street and my stroll down Marfa lane…



I’ve gotta train to catch, ya’ll… xx!


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